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Super Fresh Drinking Water

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Brand Fresh
Weight 250mlx12pcs


TDS <250 mg/Ltr.
Calcium (as Ca) <35 mg/Ltr.
Sodium (as Na) < 4 mg/Ltr.
Fluoride (as F) < 1.0mg/Ltr.
Chloride (as Cl) < 250 mg/Ltr.
Cadmium (as Cd) < 0.003mg/Ltr.
Lead (as Pb) < 0.01mg/Ltr.
Manganese (as Mn) < 0.1mg/Ltr.
Nitrate (as NO3) < 2.5mg/Ltr.
Nitrite (as NO2) Nil
Mercury (as Hg) Nil
Arsenic (as As) Nil
Cyanide (as Cn) Nil
Carbon Dioxide Nil
PH 6.4 to 7.4


Refresh, recharge & restart yourself with Super Fresh Drinking water when you are outside your home. Super Fresh Drinking Water is ISO 9001-2008 certified & purified through a carefully monitored 14 steps. It has gained widespread acceptance among the general masses since its launch due to its high quality standard & association with freshness